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Reforming the Endangered Species Act
Today’s podcast interview is centered around reforming the Endangered Species Act. For some, making any changes to the ESA is non-negotiable. While others say, there are problems in the act that need to be addressed. Chase Adams with the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) is today’s guest on the #LaneCast. (CLICK THE ORANGE Button to
Growing Your Online Herd
Does your farm or ranch have a website? Are you connected to consumers via social media? These are questions that farmers and ranchers ask each day and weigh the cost and the benefits that come with an online presence. In today’s business environment along consumers wanting to know more about what goes on in the
Rural Broadband Needs: FCC Commissioner Carr
LaneCast Podcast: Millions of rural citizens across the nation do not have access to reliable broadband internet. 29 percent of U.S. farms and ranches have no access to the Internet according to a USDA’s Farm Computer Usage and Ownership report released in 2017. On this Podcast, FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr discusses the challenges and opportunities
At the Kitchen Table: Helle Ranch
The latest LaneCast is a conversation at the kitchen table of ranchers John and Evan Helle. The hardworking ranch family raises sheep near Dillon, MT. Being forward thinking, the Helle’s take the wool their sheep grow and helped found Duckworth. Duckworth is the world’s only source-verified, single-origin, Merino wool apparel company. 100% Made-in-USA. Along with
Urban Sprawl & Ag: Bozeman
On the LaneCast today Urban Sprawl is the topic on the podcast. Urban sprawl is an issue that impacts agricultural producers, open spaces, and rural communities. Growth, progress, and change are inevitable, especially in Bozeman, Montana. There are options to preserve open space and ensure a future for landowners and outdoor enthusiasts by conserving land
Listen to Lane Everyday from Anywhere!
For a while now I have had friends from across the nation ask me if I had a podcast. Many who meet me at various agricultural related events don’t have the opportunity to tune into the Northern Ag Network Radio or TV reports every day being several states away! So I have decided to produce
Where are the Animal Rights Activists?
Where are the animal rights activists? The ones who claim that we as ranchers neglect our livestock, value profit over life and believe that we are destroying the environment? I ask where they are because I have not seen them this winter out with all my family, friends and fellow ranchers taking care of livestock
Where’s That Kid at Today??
It’s hard to imagine that 2017 is almost wrapped up. For farmers, ranchers along with everyone else here in the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountian West, we are ready for 2017 to be over. After a year of drought, wildfires, lower commodity prices, ect everyone is ready for a snow day or two. As an ag.
From Bullfighter to Barber
One of the best aspects of being an agricultural broadcaster is the people I meet. The salt of the earth people that live in rural America is the reason that I am in this career path. Meeting the men and women that make our rural communities thrive is what it’s all about. That’s why I
Scary Halloween Costume
I’m having a tough time deciding on what to wear for trick-or-treating tonight. I have two pretty scary options. Option number one is pretty terrifying: Todays Winter Wheat Prices     Option number two is also scary to look at: My student loans Not sure on which costume I will choose yet! Happy Halloween!
What’s That Kid Talking About??
“Good morning everyone, it’s time for your morning market report.” That is usually the first thing out of my mouth each morning as the Northern Ag Network’s Morning Market Report hits the airwaves in Montana, Wyoming and the Western Dakotas. As an agricultural broadcaster, each broadcast day is different. Just like on a farm or