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A Steward of Public Lands: Rancher Chad Osguthorpe
Podcast Chad Osguthorpe and his family are apart of the more than 22,000 cattle and sheep producers who hold public lands grazing permits. Public land ranchers, like Osguthorpe, maintain 250 million acres of U.S. public land. The Osguthorpe family grazes sheep on the resort in Park City, UT. That is where the Public Lands Council is
Farmers and Ranchers Still Work on Labor Day
As we all enjoy this Labor Day Holiday. We all must take time and think about the men and women that came before us, and after, who work a hard day in and out to make this nation move. For many, as they enjoy family, BBQs, and the end of summer, there are groups of
At the Kitchen Table: Matt and Bonita Cremer
Podcast: Ranching and Rodeo. Lasting legacies the Cremer family has given the state of Montana. Matt and Bonita Cremer, owners of Sweet Grass Land & Cattle, let me join them at the At The Kitchen Table at their ranch near Melville, MT. We shared a cup of coffee and a conversation about ranching, estate planning,
Industrial Hemp in Montana
Industrial Hemp (iHemp) is an emerging crop in Montana and is growing in popularity through a pilot program sponsored by the Montana Department of Agriculture. There is a lot of questions and misinformation about the crop across the countryside. To learn more about the history, in’s and outs, and hoops growers have to jump through
Preserving the Heritage: 4-H Working Ranch Horse Finals
Podcast: The Montana 4-H Working Ranch Horse Finals is not what you expect when you think of a horse show. The 4-H event is a heritage based, activity-rich program designed to pass on to today’s youth traditional practices of safe livestock handling from horseback. Youth from across the state will compete September 8-9, 2018 at
That’s Not OSHA Approved: Ag Safety
Podcast: “That’s not OSHA approved.” It’s the brunt of many jokes and sarcastic comments regarding workplace safety, but what does Montana Farm Bureau policy say about OSHA? Not much as it turns out. The Montana Farm Bureau Federations John Youngberg joins the Agriculture Conversation on the pros and cons for Montana agriculture if the State takes
What the Hay? Artwork and Hay
Podcast: “What the Hay?” If you are from Central Montana you know the answer to that question. For nearly 30 years each September the premier event held along the Montana Bale Trail is the WHAT THE HAY contest. This amazing display of whimsical, cleverly decorated and sculpted hay lines a 22-mile route from Hobson to
Subscribing to the LaneCast Podcast
Want to join the “Agriculture Conversation” and listen to the LaneCast Podcast but you just don’t know how? The type of smartphone you have determines how you listen to the show. It’s simple. First, do you have an iPhone or an Android device? Once you answer that, click on the picture of the smartphone device you
Public Lands Council: 50 Years of Advocacy for Ranchers
Podcast: August 6th, 2018, the Public Lands Council (PLC) celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since its incorporation in 1968, PLC has served as a vital source for the West on Capitol Hill around the country. The Public Lands Council is rumored to have begun at the iconic Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington, D.C., where public lands
At the Kitchen Table With Darrell Stevenson
PODCAST: Family. Ranching in Russia. Education. Black Angus Cattle. That is the focus of my conversation with rancher Darrell Stevenson. The Stevenson family own and operate Stevenson Angus near Hobson, Montana. The ranch is home of “Americas Longest Established Annual Bull Sale.” Darrell shares the history of his family coming to the Judith Basin and
At the Kitchen Table: Marty Campbell
Hailing from Pendleton, Oregon, Marty Campbell is a rodeo announcer, Ag Ed teacher/FFA advisor, Christian and all around good man. Today’s conversation at the “Kitchen Table” is one you will not want to miss. We answer the question of why the “World Needs More Cowboys” and also how Marty’s life as an educator touches lives