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Managing Risk on the Ranch
Drought, commodity prices, fire and other unforeseen circumstances can change the lives of ranchers in the blink of the eye. AgRisk Advisors works with livestock operations throughout the western United States implementing risk management programs including drought, price, and margin protection.  Aaron Tattersall joins the LaneCast and discusses how ranchers in the West are looking at
How to Advocate for Agriculture: Farm Bureau ACE Program
Podcast: No one knows agriculture better than the farmers and ranchers that grow the food and fiber that feeds and clothes the World. But, do farmers and ranchers have all the tools in their toolbox to advocate and discuss agriculture with consumers, activists, elected officials and others? The Montana Farm Bureau wants to equip agriculture producers
Supporting JR & Shelby Vezain
JR Vezain is a man of God, loving husband, rancher and one hell of a cowboy. He suffered a broken back at a rodeo in Texas when his bareback horse flipped over on him on September 22nd. JR is a man of faith who is an incredible advocate for the sport of rodeo and lives
A Powerful Voice for Ranchers: Public Lands Council
In 1968, ranchers from across the West signed off on a new concept of advocacy for public lands ranching. For the last 50 years, the idea that became the Public Lands Council (PLC) has represented the cattle and sheep producers who hold public lands grazing permits. The PLC advocates for these western ranchers who preserve
A Steward of Public Lands: Rancher Chad Osguthorpe
Podcast Chad Osguthorpe and his family are apart of the more than 22,000 cattle and sheep producers who hold public lands grazing permits. Public land ranchers, like Osguthorpe, maintain 250 million acres of U.S. public land. The Osguthorpe family grazes sheep on the resort in Park City, UT. That is where the Public Lands Council is
Farmers and Ranchers Still Work on Labor Day
As we all enjoy this Labor Day Holiday. We all must take time and think about the men and women that came before us, and after, who work a hard day in and out to make this nation move. For many, as they enjoy family, BBQs, and the end of summer, there are groups of
At the Kitchen Table: Matt and Bonita Cremer
Podcast: Ranching and Rodeo. Lasting legacies the Cremer family has given the state of Montana. Matt and Bonita Cremer, owners of Sweet Grass Land & Cattle, let me join them at the At The Kitchen Table at their ranch near Melville, MT. We shared a cup of coffee and a conversation about ranching, estate planning,
Industrial Hemp in Montana
Industrial Hemp (iHemp) is an emerging crop in Montana and is growing in popularity through a pilot program sponsored by the Montana Department of Agriculture. There is a lot of questions and misinformation about the crop across the countryside. To learn more about the history, in’s and outs, and hoops growers have to jump through
Preserving the Heritage: 4-H Working Ranch Horse Finals
Podcast: The Montana 4-H Working Ranch Horse Finals is not what you expect when you think of a horse show. The 4-H event is a heritage based, activity-rich program designed to pass on to today’s youth traditional practices of safe livestock handling from horseback. Youth from across the state will compete September 8-9, 2018 at
That’s Not OSHA Approved: Ag Safety
Podcast: “That’s not OSHA approved.” It’s the brunt of many jokes and sarcastic comments regarding workplace safety, but what does Montana Farm Bureau policy say about OSHA? Not much as it turns out. The Montana Farm Bureau Federations John Youngberg joins the Agriculture Conversation on the pros and cons for Montana agriculture if the State takes