The Dating App for Your Cows!

Ballyhoo Go! is a dating app for cows!

What is Ballyhoo Go!? To understand what the Go! app is you must first learn about the Central Montana business that created it. And, the hardworking businesswoman behind it all.

Gerri Campbell owns Ballyhoo Printing in Lewistown, MT. Campbell shared that the team at Ballyhoo prides themselves “on being a complete print-shop that works very closely with our customers to get them the custom product they need to accomplish their goals, portray their image and respect their budget.”

Gerri joined the Agriculture Conversation on the LaneCast AgPodcast!

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With Campbell’s background growing up on seedstock operations in Montana, she knows cattle. For ranchers and seedstock producers, Ballyhoo provides a world-class platform to create production sale catalogs.

“Catalog production is all in house; from the start of guiding through gathering information to send to us, through design and proofing to printing, bindery, and mailing – the project never leaves our hands,” said Campbell.

To keep up with the changing technologies and how ranchers view and receive information Ballyhoo created the Go! app that puts all the information from a production sale catalog into a digital format.

“The Go! app carries a unique built-in marketing opportunity to create bull buying synergy,” Campbell explained.  Folks can quickly and easily visit several catalogs in one app, one place.  They can compare bulls, even from different programs easily.  This fits the shift in marketing and information seeking where folks may prefer to shop online and utilize technology.”

Campbell and her crew at Ballyhoo are proud to serve rural America.

“The understanding that ranchers have, the way they live and work, their work ethic, opens the door for our return of compassion and matching their efforts in supporting them,” said Campbell. We, too, know schedules change, timelines get tight, the weather interferes with the best-laid plans. We do everything we can to support during those challenging times and keep things moving as best we can. “

Click here to learn more about Ballyhoo Printing and their dating app for cows the Go! app.

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