Top 10 LaneCast Ag Podcasts of 2018

As 2018 ends and the New Year begins, I would like to thank all the listeners of the LaneCast Ag Podcast. The show started less than a year ago with the purpose of sharing the story of agriculture here in the West.

There have been many changes to the format of the show, the length of episodes and the friends we have met along the way. The show continues to evolve, and the subject matter will expand as well! Thank you to all the guests that join the “Agriculture Conversation” and that shared their stories and advice!

With that said it was a battle for many of the podcasts to make the Top 10 in 2018. It was so much fun highlighting the Top Ten Shows of 2018 and listening back to some outstanding conversations with remarkable individuals. Please enjoy this Top 10 countdown and consider going back and downloading the shows again or listen to them for the first time.

Listen to the Top 10 Countdown now!

Top 10 LaneCast Ag Podcast’s of 2018

10. Show 38: Steward of Public Lands: Rancher Chad Osguthorpe

9. Show 30: At the Kitchen Table: Marty Campbell

8. Show 35: Preserving the Heritage: 4-H Working Ranch Horse Finals

7. Show 52: House Ag Chair on 2018 Farm Bill Progress  

6. Show 37: At the Kitchen Table Matt and Bonita Cremer

5. Show 17: Grizzly Bears on the School Playground

4. Show 31: At the Kitchen Table: Darrell Stevenson

3. Show 36: At the Kitchen Table: Farming iHemp in Montana

2. Show 25: At the Kitchen Table: Helle Ranch

1. Show 42: JR Vezain Talks About his Rodeo Wreck and Faith in God

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