Farmers and Ranchers Still Work on Labor Day

As we all enjoy this Labor Day Holiday. We all must take time and think about the men and women that came before us, and after, who work a hard day in and out to make this nation move.

For many, as they enjoy family, BBQs, and the end of summer, there are groups of hard-working Americans that do not get to take this day off. Our men and women in the military are still standing tall on this national holiday, protecting our freedoms. Police, firefighters, doctors, nurses and all the other individuals who protect us and keep us safe on the home front are also hard at work today.

Another group of hard-working Americans that cannot take a today off are farmers and ranchers. Farmers and ranchers, no matter what the occasion or holiday, are committed to their work. Many are in the middle of harvest or haying. These men and women are working cattle on the range, tending to their sheep, wiping their brow in the milking parlor, or sitting down at the kitchen table looking at the finances. Many are uncertain about how to they will make ends meet.

I understand the importance and significance of Labor Day. It’s a holiday that reflects on all the changes made to improve life at the workplace and provide a better living for workers making this nation what it is.

At the same time, farmers and ranchers seem to be always forgotten when times are tough. It has been a tough go the past few years for all sectors of agriculture. Some workers can strike and demand better pay and working conditions. However, when commodity prices are low, or drought has taken its toll on crops and livestock, agriculture producers don’t have many options. Farmers and ranchers can’t take to the streets demanding higher wheat and cattle prices.

Some reading this article at this point will argue that there are insurance and payment options for farmers in which to enroll. But, I have yet to meet a producer that would rather get help from the government than to harvest a bumper crop and sell at a reasonable price.

Farmers and ranchers in the U.S. produce the healthiest, most safe food supply in the world. There is a reason for quality control and the tracking of food by government agencies to make sure the food supply is safe and reliable. When it’s not safe, the agencies act.

Some groups still feel the need to vilify farmers and ranchers for what they don’t understand.

On this Labor Day, I ask you to think of all the hard-working Americans keeping this nation moving, secure and fed.

While many enjoy a day off from work. Farmers and ranchers are harvesting grain today so we can have bread on the table. Ranchers are moving cattle on the same land their family has been for five generations.
Enjoy your day off to fullest. But, please, think about the nation’s farmers and ranchers today. Thank one of them the next time you see them.
Also, remember to be grateful for the men and women who serve this country to keep us safe and free.

Hopefully, sometime today, farmers and ranchers will take a few minutes to sit down, enjoy a burger, and have a cold one before they get back to work!

Happy Labor Day. God Bless America.

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Picture: Shonny Nordlund