Encourage & Enhance Collaboration In The Montana Beef Industry: MSU Angus Program

The Montana Angus Association feels it is important to involve Montana State, the states land grant university, in the production of Angus seedstock to enable MSU to conduct research and educate students on the Angus breed and seedstock operation systems. The MSU Angus Program is the result of forward-thinking ranchers and dedicated professionals at MSU.

MSU’s Dr. Tim DelCurto and Jake Callantine, rancher and Montana Angus Association board member join the LaneCast and share this exciting new opportunity for the Montana Angus industry.

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The goal is to provide a registered Angus beef cattle herd and management system that optimizes opportunities for MSU’s students and faculty. The MSU Angus Program will:

  • Provide a future platform for excellence in teaching and research.
  • Encourage and enhance collaboration with the Montana beef industry.
  • Offer opportunities through collaboration with MAA and its members for student interaction, job opportunities, and internships within the beef industry.
  • Develop teaching and research programs that reflect the needs of beef producers in the state of Montana.



Developing The Herd

The Montana Angus Association and Montana State University wish to develop a herd of registered Angus cows (approx. 100 head) to reside at MSU-Bozeman, (the Montana State University Angus Program). The herd will be registered with the AAA and complete registration data shall be reported. Other data to be collected and recorded will include:

❖ Production Data: the following data plus others will need to be recorded ▪ Birth Weight and Calving Ease

▪ Weaning Weight and Yearling Weight

▪ Percent of Cow Body Weight Weaned

▪ Udder Scores

▪ Foot Scores

▪ Mature Cow Weights


Potential Program Goals

The total value of 2013 production for Montana cattle and calves was $1.36 billion and has topped the $1 billion mark in eight of the past ten years. Research and development programs with a beef cattle focus are vital to our state economy. Montana State’s College of Agriculture is uniquely situated to be the hub of this focused research. Other goals include:

❖ Student internships following the MSU Angus herd throughout the entire school year: calving, weaning, harvesting, heifer development, ration balancing, AI, health program, bull selection and sale.

❖ Entrance of a handful of top-quality bulls into a bull test station.

❖ Marketing seedstock.

❖ Feed and harvest steers that did not make bulls and collect carcass data.

❖ Efficiency testing.

❖ DNA profiling.

❖ Ultrasound data.

❖ Prove out new, young MT sires via AI.

❖ Phenotypic and conformation scores in coordination with Livestock Judging Team.

❖ PAP testing.

❖ Semen collection facilities and artificial insemination opportunities.

❖ IVF and ET opportunities.

❖ Ag Communications and Marketing – media, promotion and production.


Starting The Herd

Contributions & Donations

In cooperation with MSU College of Agriculture, Montana Angus Association will coordinate donation of up to 50 heifers over a 2-year period beginning in the fall of 2018. The heifers donated will be transferred to MSU College of Agriculture and be solely owned Montana State College of Agriculture and Montana Ag Experiment Station (AAA membership # 391751). Montana Angus Association and Montana State University will both appoint members to a steering committee for ongoing oversight. Montana Angus Association may also solicit donations of semen and embryos as this may be the most efficient and practical way of obtaining cutting-edge genetics. This will be in coordination with Montana State University Angus Program and its ability and need to utilize these genetics.

Transport to MSU-Bozeman will be a coordinated effort between both parties. Donated bred heifers will be required to calve between Jan 15 and Mar 15 so as to meet MSU’s current management practices. Delivery of bred heifers must occur between Sept 15 and Nov 15.

❖ For cattle delivery information please contact Tom Groneberg, 406-994-2052, thomas.groneberg@montana.edu or Tim DelCurto, 406-994-3708, timothy.delcurto@montana.edu


Any cash donation toward the MSU Angus program will be handled through the MSU Foundation. Money donated may be used for, but not limited to: Feed, DNA testing, facilities, embryo implantation, scholarships, travel, publications/marketing, and the NILE sale. In-kind donations are also accepted and include but are not limited to materials, supplies, services, and feed.

❖ For cash & in-kind donation please contact Kevin Peterson, 402-994-7086, kevin.peterson@msuaf.org

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