Subscribing to the LaneCast Podcast

Want to join the “Agriculture Conversation” and listen to the LaneCast Podcast but you just don’t know how?

The type of smartphone you have determines how you listen to the show. It’s simple. First, do you have an iPhone or an Android device? Once you answer that, click on the picture of the smartphone device you use and the link will take you where you need to go. Or ask your kids or grandkids help you subscribe!



NEW FEATURE for Android Users! Download Google Podcasts on ONLY Android Devices. Type LaneCast in the search bar and subscribe! Click here if you are an android user. 



There are also Podcast App’s you can download that are compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.



If you would like to listen on your computer I would encourage you to subscribe via SoundCloud! Click here!

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Picture: Nicole Poyo